Rolling Tuckerbox

What is it

The Rolling Tuckerbox program is a pet food delivery service provided to those pet owners who find it difficult to access any of our Street Support distribution locations. We can also provide dog jackets, coats, collars, leads, bowls and other items that may required.

One-off or regular deliveries are available. Deliveries generally take place on the weekend.

who can access it

The Rolling Tuckerbox Program is available to concession card holders. The applicant must also be the registered owner for the pet. To access the program, a referral from a social worker is required.

how to apply

To apply for the program applicants can either use the online application form or email a copy of their concession card, a referral from a social worker and proof of pet ownership (such as registration papers or microchip papers). Please note: applications will not be processed until all paperwork is received.

Please note: The Rainbow Paws Program adopts a zero tolerance policy against abusive, threatening, violent, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour towards any volunteers or clients. Breaches will result in a ban from our services. Please note that under no circumstances will a volunteer enter your residence. This is for the safety of yourself and our volunteers.