Street Support

Same deal as Werewolf Patrol … except during the day! We attend various community centres, shelters and soup kitchens to distribute food and other supplies.

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Distribution is managed by our volunteers, who endeavour to be on time, although this is not always possible due to unforeseen delays. Volunteers will distribute donated food and items to anyone who requires them and is present at time of distribution.


You will never need to give over your own personal details, but our volunteers will ask you questions about your furry friend. This is solely to gain an understanding of your animal's needs, preferences. It's all in the name of providing the very best in care!


The Rainbow Paws Program adopts a zero tolerance policy against abusive, threatening, violent, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour towards any volunteers or clients. Breaches will result in a ban from our services.

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Food and assistance for the nocturnal

Werewolf Patrol

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Helping animals living rough

Street Support

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Food delivered to hungry friends

Rolling Tuckerbox