Our Team


Reading Dawg

Rob Roy Macgregor or Robbie as he's fondly known is a young fit and healthy 13 year old Westie. I absolutely love people especially when there are tummy rubs on offer! I have been a Rainbow Reading Dawg since Term 4, 2020.


Reading Dawg

I’ve been part of the Rainbow Reading Dawg since Term 3 2021. Whilst I enjoy reading, my favourite part is the pats and treats, plus it gets me away from my annoying little furry sister Alba for an hour. I might only be 2.5 years old but I’m a gentle soul who love humans just as much as my furry friends.

Miss Tilly

Reading Dawg Team Leader

Miss Tilly has been a Rainbow Reading Dawg since Term 4, 2020.

Miss Seeker

Reading Dawg

Miss Seeker has been a Rainbow Reading Dawg since Term 4, 2020.



I started with the RPP in 2016. When not volunteering with the RPP, I am a typical Canberra public servant. I have two gorgeous goldies and two fabulous rescue cats, all of whom at incredibly spoilt (although they don't agree with that view!) That is my George in my photo.


Marketing & Events Coordinator

I have been volunteering with RPP for over 5 years. I live with two beautiful Labradors and a cheeky cockatoo and work as a social worker. I love that Rainbow Paws allows me to do something meaningful in my spare time and gives me opportunities to learn new skills.


Reading Dawg Human Volunteer

I have been with the RPP for around 18 months. Almost everything I do involves dogs on some level 😊 As well as being part of the RPP, I've also been involved with dog rescue for many years. I've fostered lots of dogs with two out of my own three being foster fails! Another passion is dog training and I feel very lucky to be part of a small club of dedicated like-minded people. Dog walking for a community program is another fun and rewarding experience. I also love to travel whether it's visiting my family in the US and UK or caravanning with my husband and dogs but as we all know that's been on hold for a quite a while now 🙁 Hopefully one day soon that will change!


Street Support Volunteer

I joined the RPP as a volunteer in June 2021, although I have been supporting RPP for sometime. My biggest passions in life are dogs, that's my dogs Luna and Mowgli in my photo, and swing dancing. I pack up cat and dog food for dropping off at various locations around Canberra as part of the Street Support Program.


Reading Dawg Human Volunteer

I have been with RPP for a few months now and love being part of such an amazing program. As Dougal’s mum, I love seeing him be part of the reading program and the enjoyment it brings the children. I also have a second Westie at home who is 1.5 years old and whilst Alba (means Scotland in Gaelic) would also love to be part of the program she’s still just a little too cheeky. In my spare time we love to travel with our furbabies in tow, wherever we go, they are always included.


Vice President

Like many in Canberra I am a public servant, but when not working I divide my time between volunteering and my interests in art, history and travel. I started with the RPP in 2016.


Street Support Volunteer

I have been involved for about 10 months. I have worked and volunteered with people at risk of homelessness for the last 10 years and see first hand how important pets are to many of them. I love that I can help with food deliveries for pets of the most vulnerable in our community. I have recently adopted a cheeky rescue Labrador, Nala that is keeping my entire family entertained